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Setup dependencies properly

  • opam install ocamlbuild
  • opam install ocamlfind
  • sudo pacman -S libffi
  • opam install ppx_deriving_yojson
  • opam install -I +str ppx_deriving_yojson
  • opam install str
  • opam install ctypes ctypes-foreign
  • opam uninstall integers
  • opam install ctypes
  • opam install ppx_deriving_yojson zarith pprint "menhir>=20161115" sedlex process fix "wasm>=2.0.0" visitors ctypes-foreign ctypes
  • sudo pacman -S dotnet-sdk-6.0

Actual Setup

  • Setup Link
  • ./everest z3 opam
  • You have to add path to .zshrc or .bashrc it'll show up in output
  • ./everest pull FStar make karamel make (Idk but it might help to add -j at the end?)
  • Put FStar as well in your path

Better way

$ opam switch create fstar
$ opam pin add fstar --dev-repo
$ opam pin add karamel --dev-repo

Above, you may need to run opam install fstar karamel, but I don't exactly remember

To use the Fstar switch, do the following

$ opam switch fstar
$ eval $(opam env --switch=fstar)

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